Santa Monica Beach

3 Shots of Santa Monica Beach
Los Angeles River

It was a lovely day yesterday as is expected for the rest of the week. So I went to the closest beach I could find, Santa Monica. If you ignore the homeless people scattered all over, its a very nice area 🙂 The 3rd Street Promenade is filled with fancy shops and boutiques and restaurants. There still are a lot of street performers (mostly bad ones). My favorite trash act is this little girl who sings, and for her introduction she says into the mic, “Hi my name is Shenaynay and I am only 10 years old”. I think the translation would be: “Hi my name is Shenaynay and my father does not want to work so I gotta bring my ass here to sing every day” LOL

Weekend in Valley

Colorful Grandma by Gregory Heisler
dscn2242_resize.JPGFor some reason I felt like getting out of the city and going to the valley for a few days so I jumped on the orange line and came to Woodland Hills. It is rainy and cold so I am inside anyhow so it does not make a lot of difference. Just seems to be good for me to travel out from time to time to remote areas of town.

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