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A word about Mickys and Cocktails Host

Self Shot

Dog painter

It has taken a lot of thought on my part to be sure that I am justified in what I am about to type. And I feel that the following is accurate. First, I worked with Mickys night club for several years and was certain they were happy with me and my photo work. However, they made a lame excuse for telling me they no longer wanted my services. They claimed that since I was selling photos from my website without their permission, that surprised them and bothered them. As if that did them some kind of harm. It did nothing but made me a few dollars and promoted the events held at their club. I also have a strong feeling that Dennis has always disliked me and just found this opportunity to ask Michael to stop using my photography.? Updated:? By gones are over.? I am not going to say bad words about any past events.? I hope Dennis and Mary Ann work with me once the club is open again.