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About Larry


I have been consulting on Technology and Web Design for 17 years. I am retired from doing Tech/IT consulting.  I still do Web programming for small businesses.

I have been an Events and Portrait Photographer for 2 decades. I have been covering the LGBTQ scene in greater Los Angeles. My specialty is Performers.

A quick blurb about my mohawk. It is not about punk or rebellion. I wear the mohawk for a few reasons. It is part of the native American spirituality which I follow. If you read up on shamanism or the Mohicans that should clarify. I also do not believe in following norms of society and consider myself the ultimate nonconformist. I like to keep things interesting and creative. There are fun questions which I get asked all the time along with answers  This YouTube Video is about all the mohawk questions I often am  asked.

   Biography of Photo Larry

I grew up in Saint Louis Missouri. I have one sister who has two daughters. My folks also still live in Saint Louis. I went to college many years ago and was awarded a master’s degree in Computer Science. My first job was a dream come true since I love trains. It was at Union Pacific Railroad headquarters in Saint Louis. I later moved to Chicago and had various technology jobs and traveled extensively. After I became tired of the cold winters, I decided to move someplace warmer. I was offered two jobs. One at Walt Disney Company in their consumer products division as a Database Administrator and one  in San Diego at utility company. This had become my specialty (Databases–Oracle MS SQL and Sybase). I took the job at Disney and they graciously relocated me to LA.  I lived in Toluca Lake for a month at a long term hotel while I found an apartment in the city.  I found a place in Hollywood area near Runyon Canyon. It was a great location that was centrally located.  I had a convertible mustang and lived the high life for about six months.  After only six months, I was laid off from DCP via their voluntary layoff program(severance package for 2 months salary was granted).  I enjoyed the summer of 2001 and started in September to submit my resume to many local companies in Los Angeles. Suddenly on 9/11 as everyone knows, life in USA was disrupted for all of us.  I still have vivid memories of that dreadful day.  But that is a tangent to what happened next in my life. Since I could not find tech work (other than if I accepted jobs outside of California) I did a lot of soul searching and decided to get into photography and become a creative. I never imagined such a thing would ever take place in my life.  I started growing a mohawk, dyed it green(and later every other color you can imagine), and began taking pictures of nightlife in Los Angeles. Dragstrip 66 was a monthly event which is the venue where I was given my “break”.  I met the two men that ran this event and negotiated a job to be their photographer. Note that I stated with a small travel camera that was 1mpx!  Currently I use a 50mpx mirrorless Pro camera (Canon R5) with a few lenses.  I was noticed by an editor of a local magazine for my work at dragstrip , and became a professional photographer about 2004. I still do publication work occasionally.  You can see my work now on gaycities/queerty sites but mostly now I freelance and go to local drag and LGBTQ events.  You can see all of my work on this website.  Just explore the different posts which are flickr photo galleries which date back to approx 2005.  Thanks for reading.  If you want further detail you can always send me a message Here 


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