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Supreme Court Allows Law Suits Over Cigarette Marketing

I am getting great support from friends and even people over the internet I do not know personally, whom have also had the difficult task of quitting smoking.? I am pleased to report I have quit and plan never to pick up another smoke again in my life.? Why you ask?? Because there is no benefits to smoking.? The only reason tobacco companies actually still exist and profit, is from their devious marketing tactics.? Did you know there are more toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke than there are in car exhaust fumes?? Think of it this way.? Would you suck on a car muffler pipe?? Of course you wouldn’t.? So then why do we keep buying cigarettes?? Because nicotine is more powerfully addictive than even heroin.? I spoke to one friend, whom I will not name, but who was a needle drug user.? He said he quit using heroin easier than quitting smoking.? Can you imagine?? I also feel the health benefits finally to not smoking.? I can taste food better.? I have a better sense of smell, and I get sick less often with colds and such.? So if you smoke, you might consider what I have said previously.? The only thing you do by smoking is harm your body and give money to tobacco companies that profit from your addiction.? Think it over.? Blessings and Light.