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Adam and Steve

Chris Kattan
Jason and deMarco
Noah Sagen

Nadia Ginsburg
Parker Posey
I went last night to the premiere of Adam and Steve. The celebs in the film came to the red carpet where several shark like photographers gathered to snap pictures. I do not go to big celeb things like this too often but this time I was amazed at how competitive the photographers were about who stands where and so forth. I just stood on my step ladder and got my shots and ignored them. I saw a lot of gay guys from west hollywood as the theme of the film was gay related. I ate a light dinner at the Arclight before hand. It was very comfortable and I enjoyed the food. I am considering the idea of becoming a vegatarian since my body seems to be unable to handle meat and dairy lately. I have been without meat and dairy for 3 days now and I feel pretty good. Updates to come on how this works out. Here are some fun pics.