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All Moved

I am moved and currently the last step will be to get the phone line and dsl running 🙂 I am currently at an internet cafe just to check email and such. I have not planned any photo events until Monday when hopefully I will be all connected back up. I am very happy to be in a nice place with a roomie who is not unstable. Its quite a relief to be away from old roomie. He was unmotivated, drugged-out, lethargic, and uneducated. He has no future and probably will end up on the street once his big settlement gets pissed away. I tried to offer a hand but he bit it. So I left. I did learn something though. No matter how generous of heart you are, if a person is on a downhill road and does not want help, no matter what you say, they will not listen. Leave and let them hit rock bottom so they can pick themselves up and go back uphill. Ah well, enough lecturing. That’s about it for now. I am looking forward to going Monday to the dragshow and then on Tuesday to the astrology meetup.