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America needs a better leader

hillary.jpgHillary Clinton
an american marine in iraq(Luis Sinco/LA Times)

I am hopeful that most people in our fine country realize what a bozo Mr George Bush is. I hope they realize the kind of person they put into office, twice. Not someone who is a leader. Not someone who has courage. Not someone who has intelligence. Unfortunately, a lot of voters just are ill informed or motivated by the wrong reasons. Well I want to use this venue to help inform more people. I believe the person who can help heal our country is Hillary Clinton. She is a leader. She is intelligent, experienced, and knows the issues which are important to bringing this country forward into the future. For complete information about her campain and the issues, please visit her website at HILLARYCLINTON.COM and see for yourself. It is time to put aside foreign issues and focus on our own problems. It is time to end the war. Yes, we need to plan a withdrawl so the last 7 years will not be for naught, but Hillary will do that. Visit her website for complete information and vote for her in primaries and the november presidential election.