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Anxiously awaiting call

Miss Kiwi at Dreamgirls

Hunter at Dreamgirls

I am so nervous the phone is going to ring and the guy is going to tell me the whole thing fell through. Of course I think of the worst possible outcome. I will be nervous about this until the lease is actually signed. I am going to try and be patient and not call him. Oh, I went and put in an application at a place in koreatown yesterday and the manager seemed to think it would be fine to use my credit even though its not great. So today I am expecting him to call and either say I am approved or I need my Mom to cosign. I guess either way, I still should not worry :)PS: This is too eerie. I was just informed an hour ago that Miss Kiwi and Hunter have passed away. When I posted this photo, I did not even know. It is as if she was talking to me from beyond the grave. Rest in Peace to two gentle souls who will be missed.