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Apartment Hunting

Sample headshots

I am looking to move into a place of my own. I went today and walked around Koreatown area of LA. I looked at a few places but have not put in applications as of yet. If anyone reading knows of something reasonable but not dumpy, please let me know 🙂 I currently live in west hollywood in a condo with a doctor. It is not horrible. But I feel like living by myself now. It can be taxing to have to worry about someone else’s idiosyncrasies. The two things that bother me about this current room mate are: He refuses to lock doors most of the time so I have to do it. Luckily I leave after he does, so that is not too big of a deal. The other issue is his pets. They make a mess from time to time and it can be a bit gross. Oh and occasionally he will play his television too loudly when I want to sleep. So I am trying to find a place in a quiet building for not a lot of money. I do not need anything fancy. I just want a small space that has enough electricity for my computer and a/c unit so I am comfortable. That is all I need.