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Astrology Group

Me on the train
Downtown LA Buildings
Chinatown Gold Line Station
Memorial Park Station in Pasadena
I have been going now to study with a new astrologer which Lynn Rodden trained with. Her name is Gloria Stein. There is a group of 5-7 that come ever week and go through some exercises in chart reading. Its about hour and half on tuesdays. I am enjoying it so far. Yesterday we did the chart of Jane Russell, for those older you should remember she got famous doing bra commercials for larger breasted/figured women. Hence her information was very interesting to analyze. I am always looking for more people who find an interest in astrology. If anyone reading this has studied it or has interest in it, please email me. Today I went to see my therapist. It helps me to talk through my few life issues with a third party which I can trust. I do not have real problems at the moment really, other than determining what I should do about my home life (roomie and such). I think its stable for now. He has not talked to me in days and assume if he changed his mind about me living in his house, he would tell me. I am unsure though. I am just going day by day and when time comes, I will find my own apartment. My time frame is 6 months to a year.