Claremont Trip

Claremont Trip 16.jpg
MTA Red Line Train Car Interior
Claremont Trip 27.jpg
Me at station
Claremont Trip 29.jpg
Union Station and MTA Tower
Claremont Trip 31.jpg
Train tracks at Union Station
Claremont Trip 34.jpg
Placard at Pomona College in Claremont
Claremont Trip 37.JPG
Grounds of Pomona College
Claremont Trip 40.JPG
Dorms at one of the colleges
Claremont Trip 41.JPG
Bench at Pitzer College
Claremont Trip 43.JPG
Entrance to Pomona College

I went with Edna to see Claremont as there are 5 colleges there and it is supposed to be a cute town. It was easy to get there via Metro link train. We walked the campuses of all five colleges and even went to have lunch in one of the dining halls. I think Pomona College is the oldest and most prestigious one. It seemed like most of them were high cost private for rich kids 🙂

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  1. Although Pomona College is a private, and expensive school, it is one of the few truly “need blind” schools in the nation. If you can get in, they guarantee to fill 100% of demonstrated need. Other colleges will say this and leave students with mountains of debt. Pomona will see to it that you get money in the form of grants that you don’t have to repay. They seek out students from lower socio-economic backgrounds, especially those whose parents didn’t get to go to college. Pomona also has more Questbridge scholars (high achieving/low-income kids) than any other school. It is an amazing institution!

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