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Cocktails with Doug and Luca

Doug Jeffries and Luca DiCorso
Doug Jeffries and Scott Swan
Jason Sechrest
Luca DiCorso
Cocktail hour was nice with Doug Jeffries and Luca DiCorso. The crowd was pretty light so I didnt stay too long. I got shots needed and left. Oh the starbucks near my house that is deemed “Gay Starbucks” is all remodeled. Seems okay. Not too big of a difference really. I do like the desk with lamps and plugs. I am not sure what they were thinking with the cattle line walls in the center but oh well. Not really a lot else going on. Still a bit unsettled over the roomie / plumber thing. Since I have been uplifted from my home a total of 5 times in the last 5 years, I freak when anything threatening happens in my living circumstance. I am looking into possibilities of getting my own place. There will be complications but it may be possible. So if anyone reading this knows of a small studio on the west side for not too expensive, do let me know.