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Cocktails with Jan Fischer

Jan and Robert Best
Zachary Pierce dancing
Chi Chi LaRue
Jan poses with portrait
Jan has a nice smile

I enjoyed cocktail hour with a nice germany porn guy called Jan Fischer last night. I had a bit of drama in my living situation that I got away from for a few hours. The kitchen ceiling was leaking due to a pipe clog from the a/c drain. Long story short, in order to get up to the a/c unit, roomie had to kick my door in and break it. Needless to say, I was stressed. However I repaired the wood damage and think things are under control for the moment. The only real problem I have with leaving the door open during the day is that his dog seems to think my room is a doggie toilet. 🙂 So if I can go back to locking the bedroom after the maintenance, I think I can relax and go back to feeling secure about my living situation. More to come later.