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Cocktails with Matthew Rush

Chi Chi LaRue and Brent Corrigan
Matthew Rush, Jason DeBeers, Chi Chi LaRue, and Jason Ridge Chi Chi LaRue, Zeb Atlas, Matthew Rush
Matthew Rush and Jason Ridge
Chi Chi LaRue and Hugo
I had a lot of fun seeing Chi Chi and several other porn guys. My friend in chicago will be quite pleased and jealous that Brent Corrigan let me take his photo several times. Among others there were Jason Ridge, Zeb Atlas, and the guest was Matthew Rush. I am sitting at Starbucks in weho right now doing my photo work, and this group of teen kids who are on a field trip just walked past the window. They all were waving and pointing(gee I guess it was my mohawk). Little did the one hot boy who had the eyebrow ring know that I really wanted to take him into the bathroom and use him!