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Cocktails with Trevor Knight

Trevor poses
Trevor gives a jello shot to friend
Trevor smiles
Trevor bod shot
Trevor signs Sister Reajeena’s Behind
I did not make it out to Huntington Gardens or the Adventure trip with the sisters as I had to photograph an evening event and had other work to be done. Last night I worked my usual at Mickys. Trevor Knight was the featured guest. He has been coming to the club for a while as a patron too. I found out he is from Boston. Explains why he is a bit east coast in feel. At any rate, he photographs well. I think of all the shots, I deleted maybe three. I also went to dinner afterward with several sisters as they arrived towards the end of the show. I have been enjoying the week of having so many sisters in town. Who would have guessed that a bunch of clown type nuns would be my calling 🙂