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Day Trip to Ojai

Fountain in park

Park in Ojai

Sign in park

View of hills from bus

Self shot

View of hills on ride back from Ojai

Hottie on the bus didnt know I took his picture

Old fashioned platter in antique shop in Ventura

Rock sculpture at beach in Ventura

Another art piece at the beach

I went with my friend Edna to see this city called Ojai up in ventura county that has a reputation of being a new agie type town. I thought it would be fun to check it out. It only has a population of 8000. So we took amtrak and then a local bus. It took approx 3 hours. It was relaxing but doubt I will go back. Ya see, the people seemed pretentious and overall the town was just too small. We did stop in Ventura and walked down Main Street. It was a little more interesting actually than Ojai. We both agreed that it was worth returning there sometime instead. I took some photos of course.