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Does Temperment Matter?

This is taken from Anderson Cooper’s blog on cnn.? The posting is HERE.? My response:

John McCain says he reaches across party lines, yet he cannot even reach across the table during the debate without getting angry at Mister Obama. He continuously lied about every statement put to him by the moderator and was not even called on it, partially being the fault of the moderator. Obama kept his cool, answered questions intelligently, calmly, and reasonably while McCain continuously interrupted him, rudely. He is such (an undercover) bigot who shows total lack of respect for anyone. Is it not obvious to anyone watching him that he is a hothead who will blow his top at the slightest provocation? He is so irritating to even watch. How much longer will he insult the intelligence of the American people. Furthermore, he thinks that he is mostly important. He isn?t good enough to kiss my dog/cat/pet. He shows no respect for anyone.