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Downtown LA and Fire

Downtown Highrises

Fire men working on Broadway

Grand Central Market

Building on Broadway that burned

US Bank Library Tower

Entrance to subway station

Inside the station with train approaching

Private train car collection at Union Station

Guess who

I took a trip downtown for some photos and as luck would have it, there was a big fire on broadway and 4th. Not to say this is a good thing, but makes for interesting photos. I also got some really good shots of downtown buildings and trains. I am excited today for its the first day of my photojournalism class. The teacher has tons of experience in the area and taught my other class. I have experience with a few magazines so this should be a breeze. Oh just a little frustration, I take some medicines and of course I use insurance when going to the pharmacy. Well I went to get my monthly refills and the insurance company decided to change things and not pay for the most expensive one. Well I was not pleased as I have good insurance. So after yelling at the lady on the east coast, I requested the supervisor call me today. Personally I think the medical system in our country is a farce. Its based solely on profit (well as is all of the country) and only allows the insurance corporations to get wealthier instead of helping those in need of medical attention. The system in Canada is socialized and much more compassionate. I think we may lean towards that eventually as the baby boomers start getting older and the general population at the middle class level requires social reform.