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Going to drag event tonight

my WeeMee
Outfest Awards Ceremony 2005 102s.jpg

Honeysuckle sent me an invitation to a performance tonight so I am going to try my best to head over there. It starts at 9pm so I should be able to resist my old lady urge to go to sleep early! I do not know why exactly, but I find drag queens interesting. I think it is because there is a paradox in that they are performers but also gender benders. I imagine some of them have difficulties in their personal lives trying to get others to understand them. I have known several of them over the years and still find it kind of tough to comprehend why someone wants to dress like the other gender, even if its only to perform. I also think a good number of drag queens are unattractive as guys and thus decide to wear all the makeup and dresses to get attention they would otherwise not receive. A perfect example of that is my friend Momma. See picture above.