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Hid at Home all Week

Sister Porna Forna Kayshun

I hate admitting to being a recluse at times but I have not been up to par at all this past week. All I know is that I have to kick myself into gear.? Tomorrow I am going to a nature shoot which should help.? I cannot use the weather as an excuse anymore since it was really nice most of this week.? I think maybe I am afraid of going to the clubs because I do not want to be near smokers because I quit and scared I might pick one up again.? Since it took me like ten times to finally quit, I am afraid of being exposed at all.? I guess I really do understand better now what an addiction is like.? I have claimed for years I do not understand alcoholism or narcotic abuse, which I don’t.? But now I think I can see the reasons for such behaviors.? They are not rational.? So even an intelligent, educated person such as myself, can make stupid mistakes and be forgiven.? I need to find some other places to take pictures besides night clubs perhaps.? I have some ideas about taking model photos in a studio and outdoor settings.