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Industry and NOHO


I went in the afternoon to North Hollywood area along Chandler where a lot of artist lofts are painted on the sides in a very urban landscape.? I took one picture while walking to Adam Bouska’s place to be shot for the NO H8 campaign ( then went to Industry at Numbers.? Do not get me wrong, I had a really nice evening.? But just that the space and the environment is not conducive to photo taking.? The porn guys are asking me if I work for some big magazine.? I usually tell them Chi Chi LaRue to shut them up.? Also the men are really only interested in older guys who will give them money, not me who gives them none.? There also is not any type of show with a stage and a host.? I asked Jason if there was some way he could get a microphone and give away porn.? He said it just was not the right place for that during people having dinner.?? Anyway here are a few photos.