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Legal Issues with men

The 5 guys above are models from

Well this morning I was sent a rather threatening email from a lawyer representing these guys. Apparently they objected to my gallery photos taken during the weho xxx awards. Pursuant to keeping the peace, the photos were removed from the gallery. However I am not sure why an attorney was hired for such a matter. If these men objected to photos being taken and used, they should have mentioned it to the 3 professional photographers who were at this event. They were on a stage and saw many flashes going off. I am supposed to speak with a rep from their company in next few days to clear up this matter. I am hoping we can make this situation a positive one. Maybe I can do some photo work for them. I still am a little surprised since they are placing their images and videos on the internet already. I am hopeful this is not being done out of greed since I am but a poor artist and suing me to the point of litigation would be rather pointless.