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Main Business

  About My Business

I have three areas of expertise and experience. I am an accomplished events photographer. I have successfully covered all kinds of group gatherings. I can do weddings and standard events like weddings and bar mitzvahs but prefer to serve the LGBT community.  My favorite thing to cover is a drag show at a club. I am also a personal technology consultant. I have education (master degree in CS) and experience in all areas of personal technology. I am an astrological chart analyst and adviser as well. I perform astrology sessions on an individual basis. Been out of this for a few years due to Covid.

  My Camera and My Main Art

I use a high-end digital camera (Canon R5 Mirrorless high end Full Frame camera) with amazing clarity. I have a range of lenses for all different situations such as studio shots (with a green screen for example) or for a club setting like Mickeys for example. Click photos in blog posts to see samples of all of my photo work that spans almost 20 years. I do sessions for individuals, couples, and groups. I do not use a studio most of the time. I prefer natural outdoor lighting. I also am an expert with flash usage indoors. Studio can be arranged.  I have used Canon and Nikon over my 20 year span of doing photography.  My specialization is event photography at live events such as drag shows or live music events.  I pray these will return very soon after pandemic is resolved. 🙂  I try to be creative with shooting locations.  Please see the main blog for all kinds of samples of the types of things I shoot.