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Main Business

  About My Business

I have three areas of expertise and experience. I am an accomplished events photographer with over 2 decades of experience. I have successfully covered all kinds of group gatherings. I can photograph most standard events like weddings and bar mitzvahs but prefer to serve the LGBTQIA community.  My favorite thing to cover is drag shows at clubs in the Los Angeles metro area. I also am a technology consultant with a specialization in websites and social media. I have a college education (master degree in Information Technology) but rarely consult on technology. I just help occasionally with small biz Website development for friends and relatives. I am also an astrological chart analyst and adviser. I perform astrology chart evaluation sessions on an individual basis. I have been out of this for a few years due to Covid pandemic 2019-2022. Please check my galleries in my blog posts which mainly are Flickr albums and Instagram posts.  I have not done Astrology for many years but if people show interest, I would relearn it and consult regarding the topic again.

  My Camera and My Main Art

I use a high-end digital camera (Canon R5 Mirrorless Full Frame camera 50mpx) with amazing clarity. I have a range of lenses for all different situations such as studio shots (with a seamless backdrop, for example) or for a club setting like Micky’s (LA Gay Nightclub) for example. I also use a 70-200mm lens for certain events. Click on photos in the blog posts to see samples of all of my photo work that spans over 2 decades. I do sessions for individuals, couples, and groups depending on what I am hired to do. I do not use a studio for most of my work. I prefer natural outdoor lighting. However a studio can be rented/arranged in situations where it is appropriate. I have rented studio space to shoot professionally as can be found in these examples:   I am an expert with flash usage for indoor photography. My specialization is event photography at live events (Performances) such as drag shows or live music events (Gay Pride , etc). Check out my Pride photos and other street events such as Sunset Junction(no longer held). Many of my blog posts are Flickr albums displaying samples of my event work.  I try to be creative with other shooting locations.  Please see the main blog for all kinds of samples of the types of things I shoot.  Below is a link to one of my first portrait sessions with a cute boy named Marty.  He now would be about 40. I wish I knew his full name so I could contact him.  Not sure if he is Str8 or Gay or Bi but would love to know. Enjoy the gallery.  –PL

Portrait Samples – Click Here

Dragstrip Galleries – Click Here