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My Relations with Sisters of LA has Ended

I no longer am considered or to be called “Guard Moe Cock” and my “provisionary membership” has been terminated.  Since 2004 I have contributed to their mission and taken photos of them.  I thought I was doing best I could do for them and following their mission very well.  That mission is simply:  ”Spread Joy, Stop Guilt” to summarize in a phrase.  But the thanks that now I am given after this long history (for creating a facebook event which was not my “job”) finally, a letter, saying sorry but Good Bye and you are Fired, or words to that effect.  I have contacted a few sisters in SFO to see if perhaps I can forge some kind of relations with them remotely perhaps as a Saint or Angel.  I also plan to contact a few friends in Seattle too.  I am not really sure how I am going to proceed in the coming months.  I will not go to any of their events for a while and then will try to consider if and when I will involve myself again.  Almost all outside of this situation that have witnessed it from local or afar do agree, the LA house treated me poorly after all these years of service and dedication.  No question there.  So perhaps I can get something arranged in another city like SFO.  I do not know what is going to happen.  Just going to let several months pass, then decide if I attend an event (Hard Heroes for example in August) which I really like.  And if I decide to express myself by painting my face, I might do so and just say “I no longer am part of the Sisters…this is my free expression”.  We shall have to see in the future.  Thanks for reading and the supportive comments via Social Media I have gotten on Facebook and Twitter.  Blessings and Love.  LG