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Newspaper Assignment

MTA Fare Box 01s.jpg

Metropolita Transit Authority of Los Angeles fare collection machines located on the Orange Line at Valley Glen, CA and found at most subway stations, Sept 13, 2007. Recently MTA increased their fare structure to align with bigger cities. Citizens do not feel the system is up to par with those larger cities such as New York and Chicago and feel the rate hike is not justified. (Valley Star/Photo Larry?)

I have to take some pictures regarding the metro fare increases article that will run next issue. July 1, MTA increased their fares to align with larger cities and falling profits. Although the system is improving all the time, I am not so sure it is up to par with New York or Chicago. The rapid bus idea works some of the time, for example, on wilshire blvd where the lights are sync’d. But on other roads where lights are not in sync , such as Western, the buses still crawl. The subway system and rail system is not too bad with exception of the lack of west side extension that still seems to be very political. They halted construction back in the 90s when they ran into methane gas pockets. This mayor of LA seems to understand the importance of mass transit with the city growing daily. And driving in a car as time progresses will be less and less pleasant in this town.