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Photo Events and Participation with Frontiers

I still free lance for Frontiers Magazine but since they have undergone a lot of changes like merging of two magazines, losing and adding different editors, changing formatting, and some politics , the involvement I have lately is minimal.? So I had to ask myself, do I complain to the owner (whom I have known for years) or do I just shut up, wait and go about my doing my own thing?? I decided on the latter.? The publisher did tell me to feel free to contact him at any time.? But I would rather the new editors (Aaron Drake has been the one main editor with whom I normally communicate) request event coverage from me directly since that seems to work out the best based on history with prior editors.? If they ask me to cover something, its more likely they are going to use my photos in the coming issue.? I think part of the problem is that Aaron knows I prefer to go to daytime events and not really do nightlife as much.? I am willing but prefer not to be in bars unless they specifically ask me.? I have often made my photos available after I went to an event on my own without a request even though it was not actually their assignment (for example WEHO Halloween).? But I was told when offering the photos for use, depending on the event, that there usually is no room in the upcoming issue.? They did use my Folsom Street photos, which was nice to see.? So I am thinking of some independent projects that I will be doing starting next year.? I cannot go into too many details right now but wanted to explain why it seems my photos are less and less on the blog lately.? Thank you to everyone who does come here to check on my latest work.