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Play at Mickys

I am dancing…call me later on
Cool floor shot
Say Cheesie Poof
I am reflecting and see gay people
I met some new people and even though I was very tired from a long day, I still had fun. I attended a speed dating thing first next door. I liked 2 of the 8 guys. I voted online but am awaiting to see if anyone liked me. Then at Mickys I got some good shots of the peeps and chatted up some new friends, including one of the contest participants. Oh and I sat for half an hour talking to Enrique about my roomie and the dog. I am hoping he hires someone which I recommended to take the dog out daily. Reason being he is scatter brained and the dog craps everywhere when he comes home drunk and crashes without even having taken the poor thing outside. And it is ruining the hardwood floors too. Ah well, seems my living situation is always challenged by pet control. Not really sure what the karma of all that is.