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Smoking for Flavor? And Other Health issues.

A few health facts I just learned should want to make anyone quit!

Smoking prematurely ages skin by wearing away proteins that give it elasticity, depleting it of vitamin A and restricting blood flow. Smokers? skin is dry, leathery and etched with tiny lines, especially around the lips and eyes.

Smoking interferes with the mouth?s chemistry, creating excess plaque and yellowing teeth. There is some
evidence that smoking contributes to tooth decay. Smokers are one and half times more likely to
lose their teeth.

One out of three deaths in the world is due to cardiovascular diseases. Smoking is one of the biggest risk
factors for developing cardiovascular diseases. These diseases kill more than a million people a year
in developing countries. Smoking-related cardiovascular diseases kill more than 600 000 people
each year in developed countries. Smoking makes the heart beat faster, raises blood pressure and increases the risk of? hypertension and clogged arteries and eventually causes heart attacks and strokes.

Smoking reduces resistance to the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. It also impairs the
stomach?s ability to neutralize acid after a meal, leaving the acid to eat away the stomach lining.
Smokers? ulcers are harder to treat and more likely to recur!

This is a partial list of some ingredients they add to your flavorful treat each time you slowly impair your body by puffing into your lungs the following:
Alfalfa Extract Allspice Extract Oleoresin And Oil Allyl Hexanoate Allyl Ionone Almond Bitter Oil? Angelica Root Extract Anise Anise Star Extract and Oils Anisyl Acetate Anisyl Alcohol Anisyl Formate Apple Juice Concentrate Apricot Extract & Juice Asafetida Fluid Extract And Oil Ascorbic Acid Balsam Peru and Oil Basil Oil Bay Leaf Oil and Sweet Oil Beeswax White Beet Juice Concentrate Bergamot Oil Bisabolene Black Currant Buds Absolute Borneol? Buchu Leaf Oil? Butter Butter Esters & Butter Oil Butyl Acetate Caffeine Calcium Carbonate Camphene Cananga Oil Capsicum Oleoresin Caramel Color Caraway Oil Carbon Dioxide Cardamom Oleoresin Seed Carob Bean and Extract beta-Carotene Carrot Oil Cascarilla Oil and Bark Extract Cassia Bark Oil Cassie Absolute and Oil Castoreum Extract Tincture & Absolute Cedar Leaf Oil Cedarwood Oil Terpenes & Virginiana Cedrol Celery Seed Extract Cellulose Fiber Chamomile Flower Oil And Extract Chicory Extract Chocolate Cinnamaldehyde Cinnamic Acid Cinnamon Leaf Oil Bark Oil & Extract Cinnamyl Acetate Cinnamyl Alcohol Cinnamyl Cinnamate Cinnamyl Isovalerate Cinnamyl Propionate Citral Citric Acid Citronella Oil dl-Citronellol Citronellyl Butyrate Citronellyl Isobutyrate Civet Absolute Clary Oil Clover Tops Red Solid Extract Cocoa Cocoa Shells Extract Coconut Oil Coffee Cognac White and Green Oil Copaiba Oil Coriander Extract and Oil Corn Oil Corn Silk Costus Root Oil Cubeb Oil Cuminaldehyde para-Cymene Dandelion Root Solid Extract Davana Oil Dill Seed Oil and Extract Alcohol Eucalyptol Farnesol Fennel Sweet Oil Fenugreek Extract Resin and Absolute Fig Juice Concentrate Food Starch Galbanum Oil Genet Absolute Gentian Root Extract Geraniol Geranium Rose Oil Grape Juice Concentrate Guaiac Wood Oil Guaiacol Guar Gum Honey Hops Oil Hydrolyzed Milk Solids Hydrolyzed Plant Proteins Hyssop Oil Alcohol Jasmine Absolute Concrete and Oil Kola Nut Extract Labdanum Absolute and Oleoresin Lactic Acid Lauric Acid Lauric Aldehyde Lavandin Oil Lavender Oil Lemon Oil and Extract Lemongrass Oil Licorice Root Fluid Extract Lime Oil Linden Flowers Lovage Oil And Extract Mace Powder Extract and Oil Magnesium Carbonate Malic Acid Malt and Malt Extract Maltodextrin Maltol Maltyl Isobutyrate Mandarin Oil Maple Syrup and Concentrate Mate Leaf Absolute and Oil Mullein Flowers Myristic Acid Myrrh Oil Oak Chips Extract and Oil Oak Moss Olibanum Oil Opoponax Oil And Gum Orange Blossoms Absolute Orange Oil and Extract Origanum Oil Orris Concrete Oil & Root Extract Palmarosa Oil Palmitic Acid Parsley Seed Oil Patchouli Oil Pepper Oil Black And White Peppermint Oil Peruvian (Bois De Rose) Oil Petitgrain Absolute Mandarin Oil Petitgrain Terpeneless Oil Phosphoric Acid Pimenta Leaf Oil Pine Needle Oil Pine Oil Scotch Pineapple Juice Concentrate alpha-Pinene beta-Pinene D-Piperitone Piperonal Pipsissewa Leaf Extract Plum Juice Potassium Sorbate Propenylguaethol Propionic Acid Propyl Acetate Propyl para-Hydroxybenzoate Propylene Glycol Prune Juice and Concentrate Pyridine Pyroligneous Acid And Extract Pyrrole Pyruvic Acid Raisin Juice Concentrate Rhodinol Rose Absolute and Oil Rosemary Oil Rum Rum Ether Rye Extract Sage Sage Oil and Sage Oleoresin Salicylaldehyde Sandalwood Oil Yellow Sclareolide Skatole Smoke Flavor Snakeroot Oil Sodium Acetate Sodium Benzoate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Carbonate Sodium Chloride Sodium Citrate Sodium Hydroxide Solanone Spearmint Oil Styrax Extract Gum and Oil Sucrose Octaacetate? Sugar Alcohols Sugars Tagetes Oil Tannic Acid Tartaric Acid Tea Leaf and Absolute Thyme Oil White and Red Thymol Tobacco Extracts Tochopherols (mixed) Tolu Balsam Gum and Extract Tolualdehydes Citrate Urea Valencene Valeraldehyde Valerian Root Extract Oil and Powder Valeric Acid?Valine Vanilla Extract And Oleoresin Vanillin Vetiver Oil Vinegar Violet Leaf Absolute Walnut Hull Extract Water Wheat Extract And Flour Wild Cherry Bark Extract Wine and Wine Sherry Xanthan Gum