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Started Journalism Class

Lorna Luft

Jesse Garcia from Quintcinera

Kate Linder from Days of Our Lives
APLA Oscars at Abbey 2006 045s.jpg
Jennifer Love Hewitt

I am really excited about working this semester on a class with the staff of a real newspaper. I will be considered a staff photographer and will go with writers to different stories and cover sporting events as well. I expect to get the needed experience from this class to work for a major publication in the future. I always wanted to work with Getty. I met one of their photographers at a red carpet once. It would be fun to work for a service like WireImage and cover celebs. Its pretty competitive, but I would not do it full time. I do not get star struck like typical LA residents and tourists. But if portraits of them are what everyone wants to see, I am happy to do it. See samples from red carpet at Abbey I took a year ago.