Stop all support to Tobacco Companies

which lungs do you want?

which lungs do you want?

Petition for inability to smoke in public places, on the streets, any place except for a private home. Then maybe we can bring down the evil industry which goes by names Phillip Morris, RJ Reynolds, and Lorillard ( , , ) who are the makers of the major brands of cigarettes which you can buy on almost every single street corner in the country. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin yet it is legal. I do not understand why with the knowledge we have about medical science that smoking is still condoned in general. Have we no respect for our lung’s ability to collect oxygen and provide it to our body? Anyone who smokes probably does not realize what they are doing , slowly but surely, to their body. It no longer is 1940 with some dead movie star puffing away to show how macho and cool they are. Also is there any pleasure that you get? I dont see the pleasure from sucking in 4000 toxins into my lungs. And I certainly do not want to kiss a smoker. So is there really any pleasure? No its an addiction to nicotine that keeps a person from quitting. It is so strong that the urge and conditioning is at an unconscious level. A man just walked into the coffee shop with a lit cigarette because he had no idea that he was even holding one in his hand. He does it merely because his brain is addicted to the nicotine. In conclusion, its gross and ugly and should no longer be acceptable in our society because it has no benefits and only causes health deterioration.


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