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Switched Colleges

Sandy Mayo 001s.jpg
Sandy Mayo, VP Academic Affairs, Valley College, Valley Glen, CA. at her desk enjoying her new position on Sept 13, 2007. Sandy is a former Dean from Santiago Canyon College in Orange, CA. She has degrees in Mathematics and Applied Sciences as well as an Education Doctorate. She mentions she does not like being called Doctor(Valley Star/Photo Larry?)

I was at one of the LACCD colleges but did not like the professor. He was a bit too rigid in his methods and was not doing things properly, in my opinion. I tried to work with him and the photo editor student but just could not work things out. So I have switched to Pierce. I went today and added the two journalism classes. I think this is going to work out well because I sat with the two teachers for about an hour and got a new assignment. I picked up the Roundup paper issue #1 for the semester. It looks good. The website is and looks like its established. It seems to cover some good topics. The photos were mixed. Some were good and others were bad. But the teacher gave constructive criticism on them so I am sure students learned from it. I am guessing the photos I took for the second issue of that other paper will not be used so here is a sample.