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Famous people that we lost 2012

Famous deaths:

neil armstrong(1930-2012) astronaut, explorer, pilot

ernest borgnine(1917-2012) film actor, theater actor, television actor

ray bradbury(1920-2012) author, poet

chuck brown(1936-2012)guitarist, singer

dick clark(1929-2012) television personality host

don cornelius(1936-2012) television personality, television producer

richard dawson(1932-2012) film actor, television actor, comedian, game show host

phyllis diller(1917-2012) film actress, comedian, pianist

michael clarke duncan(1957-2012) film actor

charles durning(1923-2012) film actor, theater actor

robin gibb(1949-2012) songwriter, singer

andy griffith(1926-2012) actor, talk show host

larry hagman(1931-2012) theater actor, television actor, television producer

marvin hamlisch(1944-2012) songwriter

sherman hemsley(1938-2012) television actor

whitney houston(1963-2012) film actress, singer

etta james(1938-2012) singer

davy jones(1945-2012) television actor, singer

rodney king(1965-2012) sports commentator and victim of LA police brutality

jack klugman(1922-2012) film actor, theater actor, television actor

sally ride(1951-2012) educator, astronaut, physicist

vidal sassoon(1928-2012) entrepreneur

donna summer(1948-2012) songwriter, singer

gore vidal(1925-2012) critic, author, playwright

mike wallace(1918-2012) radio personality, news anchor, journalist

andy williams(1927-2012) singer, television personality