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New Astrology for Larry

This astrology combines western and eastern astrology. I think it is very interesting. Here is my combo sign:

The Sagittarius/Dragon

Unafraid to shine a beacon into the darkest corners of life, this Dragon most always succeeds at building a stimulating life. These people court danger, but are rarely injured. Sentimental and caring, this Sagittarius delivers on all promises.


An admirable but not always gentle character, the Sagittarius/Dragon is a warrior on the grand scale. These people are attractive and ambitious. They believe in success and forge ahead with bravura toward that aim. Never bullish or hotheaded, this character’s style is gentlemanly and dignified. Sagittarius/Dragons are not afraid of danger. They take great risks and even court peril. They dance around the flame of adventure and derring-do but they rarely get seriously burned. Dragons born in Sagittarius outwit their enemies, hoist them on their own petards and invite them to lunch the next day. Victory, after all, calls for a celebration. Nobody can match this fire-breathing powerhouse in the bedroom. Being sentimental, he or she makes much of marriage and proves an excellent parent. He likes a busy life, crowded with kin and festivity. These crowds are never invited to the bedroom. The Sag/Dragon is an arch romantic. A thousand candles lit in honor of one sexual exploit could never be enough.


Wood is characterized by the color green. Wood heralds the beginning of life, springtime and buds, sensuality and fecundity. Wood’s influence affects the liver, the gallbladder and, by extension, the digestion. Wood needs moisture to thrive. Its two opposite yet equally emotional forces are rage and altruism. The Wood person will be expansive, outgoing and socially conscious.

In Today’s Exciting News

Smoking is bad mmmmkay

Sweeping tobacco regulatory bill goes to Obama

Chastity wants a boner
Chastity wants a boner

Chastity wants a new boner

Opinions concerning transgender issues: If ya wanna change gender, be my guest, I see no problem with it. But I am still allowed to make fun :)? Poor Cher!

Opinions concerning tobacco:? Ask not what the country can do for you ask what you can do for yourselves. Regulating the use of tobacco will keep the nation healthier than it has ever been. More people have died due to smoking than several other major causes of death. Empowering the FDA to control use of tobacco has just made the FDA relevant. People just want freedom but are not ready to pay the price for it, they want someone else to do that for them. Smoking related illnesses cost the tax payer and medicare an enormous burden. If only smoking had been regulated 50 years ago when the link between smoking and lung cancer was established we would not be spending an arm and leg trying to care of the sick. It is interesting that Obama will be signing the bill and hopefully give up smoking soon after. This has nothing to do with socialism or government interference. Smoking is injurious to your health and the government has every right to stopping you from poisoning yourself. The mass production of tobacco and marketing are still like they were in the 60s. Now that we know all of the health consequences as shown by the woman with emphysema, we need to stop mass sales of these filthy things. Its not cool. Its stupid. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin yet if I am 18 I can buy tons of it , easily, and even teens get them easily. The FDA regulations will help correct this error. It costs our country billions in healthcare costs due to tobacco smoking addicts. That needs to stop.

More feelings: very glad Obama supports this. Nicotine is more addictive than heroin yet is marketed to be as safe as candy. That needs to end. It also needs to stop being sold on every corner and produced in such mass quantities when all it does is cause cancer and cause people to make others breathe their smoke.

In History Today:

RT @photolarry June 12 1967 Supreme Court rules state laws prohibiting interracial marriage as unconstitutional, its time for #gayrights !

RT @photolarry June 12, 1978 David Berkowitz known as Son of Sam is sentenced to 365 years in prison for serial murders in New York