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Monday and Tuesday

Almost went to Dream Girls but decided to chill for Play the following night. Got some fun shots at the tuesday contest. Still nothing solid on the apartment thing. Trying to just let it happen without worrying. I was firm with current roomie that he is going to have to be patient. I will be very shocked if he ever does anything legally even if it gets into the summer since he is on vacation most of that time. We shall see. Taking it one day at a time.

Quiet Weekend

I went to GLAAD awards and shot some photos on the red carpet last night. Got my mind off the moving crap for a while. Visited with Jonathan briefly. Saw some other regulars from the community. Going to invesigate some other options for housing tomorrow.


I guess this has been a long week because I was so busy with apartment hunting. I talked with Robert tonight and we decided to look for singles on our own. No big events this weekend. Jonathan invited me to GLAAD awards so that will be nice. He requested I not crop the images so I will have to be mindful of that when shooting. I will be a lot happier once all this moving shite is over. Until then, I am trying to do things to take my mind off of it.

Start of Week

Well I was bummed when they turned my friend and I down for an apartment due to my credit issues. I also got scared when my computer started messing up. But I ran a restore and things are fixed thank goodness. Had okay time at Mickys. No dance contest but still was alright. Here is a pic of some friends.


Good visit with Dane. Also had good time last nite at Ken event. It was not super busy as Greg warned me. But I had nice time and met Debby Holliday.