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Americana Mall

I went to visit this mall again, do not know why, bored I guess.? It is fancy and up-scale but the apartments above are extremely over priced.? A one bedroom starts at 3 grand.? Who would pay that to live in frigging Glendale?

Glendale Today For Americana Mall Opening

Going to check out the Americana mall which was just completed across from the Galleria in Glendale.? It was designed and built by the same company who did The Grove on 3rd.? Very upscale and pricey. Somehow they defy the economic recession.

Postcard Perfect Beach Day

long view of balboa
ferry boat at balboa
ferry boat at balboa
balboa canal
balboa canal
balboa canal
ferris wheel
beach view
beach view
beach view
muscle boy
two boys
beach view
hottie boy
hotties on beach
LA Skyline from the train

I had a totally wonderful time touring the coast with detailed visits to Laguna Beach and Newport Beach (Balboa area).? The weather was simply marvelous and there was plenty of eye candy (in other words shirtless men) to view all day.? Please enjoy the photos I took above.

Cooler but nice

Venice Beach Feb 2008 031, originally uploaded by Photo Larry.

Its a little cooler today but still nice outside. I think this image shows a good cross section of the venice boardwalk.

My Birthday


Buy me something expensive and nice!?? Better yet,? just throw me piles of money 🙂