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Night Club

Mickys Play

Dance floor shot

Mickys Decade

Jake sits in the kiddie chair as a joke

Miss Kittys Parlour

Had a fun time after my flash unit blew up! I somehow did not let it get the best of me and continued to get good photos. I just could not really get distance shots but that was fine. I bought a new unit today and got a good price from the shop next to Trader Joes. Its a nice couple who owns the shop. No plans for tonight. Just chatting with Bill.

Mickys Hot Rod

Went for a diversion even though I did not have to work. I enjoyed it and saw some east siders showing up more and more. Seems that its the only alternative thing in weho that works. Anthony hired a few of the Miss Kitty dancers. I should go check it out this Friday since I decided not to go to vegas. I am going today to visit Sharon and see her new SUV.

Mickys Play

Dance contest boy gets a tip