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About the #LGBT state laws like #RFRA in Indiana

Guess what? The gays and lesbians have a lot of power in this country. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple (one of the richest companies in the world), is a fine example. He agrees with me in that these so-called “Religious Freedom” laws are destructive and harmful (for that matter so does the ACLU).  There are quite a few of us out there which nobody even realizes are CEOs of large profitable corporations (an example is the head of Burberry is out yet most do not know nor care about it). Together we will be able to get these dreadful state “religious freedom” laws removed from the books. Religion has no place in our government.  Our forefathers plainly said Church and State are to be SEPARATE! Sadly there are those decisions like the #HobbyLobby case in which precedent was set for states to keep and pass many of these laws in 19 other states.  Arkansas is poised now to be the 21st state and will suffer the same consequences of boycotting like Indiana in their state and businesses located there (Wal-Mart for example is a prime target if this were to happen in Arkansas).  This is all about timing.  A GOP moron named Mike Pence passed the Indiana law in 2015.  Instead of being intelligent enough to know to veto said law like the similar one in Arizona, which thankfully Jan Brewer did veto (even though she still is very right wing), Mr. Pence signed the paper making the law “Religious Freedom Restoration Act”. That kind of law should not be signed today.  For that matter it should not even be getting into these state legislatures. These laws are mere attempts to discriminate against us and if you are told otherwise, that is a flat out lie.  An example, I am a Satanist and my religion says I cannot serve you green eggs and ham (Satan wrote it in his recipe book).  See how absurd that previous sentence sounds!  As I have told family and right wing friends, it is not just about #GayMarriage it is about #Equality in how we are viewed and treated in society. The only difference between Selma fifty years ago and this fight today is that you cannot identify us by our skin color (only by our impeccable fashion sense). Too many conservatives view all of us as second-class citizens when in fact some of us have more money, taste, class, and education than these bigots that barely run our congress! I hope and pray that by 2016 the GOP destroys itself with all of its destructive hate speech and out-dated so-called morality that is exposed in the news via the Internet.  Most of those that profess to have such high morals are usually secretly practicing the morals of a common feral cat! The extreme right agenda that is mostly funded by the Koch Brothers must somehow be stopped before the next election.  If not, our country is doomed!  I am hopeful that when the Supreme Court hands down its decision in June, it will make our cause understood in ways that most republicans have no clue about today.  #NotSecondClass We had this discussion long ago.  You do not get to decide who sits at the lunch counter.  You do not get to decide that because Satan told you to believe LGBT persons are second-class they may not marry one another out of love.  You do not get to decide that because you object to two men expressing their love that your belief system prevents you from selling us flowers or cakes.  Because guess what, for each asshat that does not wish to sell one, there is someone else waiting to take our money.  That is all 🙂



Amazon Movie Reviews – 80s Classics

Please read my reviews of some popular 80s films that I really like lots:

Fright Night
Fright Night

5.0 out of 5 starsOne of Tom Holland’s Best Films,November 19, 2012
This review is from:Fright Night (DVD)

This film is over looked and recently was redone, poorly. This one is classic and captures the 80s style. There are several cheesy effects but the overall composure of the entire film is excellent. The best scene is the one with a very young and pretty Amanda Bearse (her first role) being seduced by the vampire (Sarandon) in a Disco. The lighting and scene is to die for. Roddy McDowall also never really got credit for this role properly. His role is very well done. And some of the lines are quite funny. It mixes horror and comedy in the best possible ways. Rent it and see. Colin Farrell is cute but could never play the kind of character as well as Chris Sarandon did in this version. Finally the role of Charlie is much better portrayed by William Ragsdale , very sexy and attractive I must say. Again this film and many actors were over looked at that time.



5.0 out of 5 starsWell acted, well written, well played,November 19, 2012
This review is from:Class (DVD)

This film is classic and totally 80s. Jonathan, a naive country boy, gets a scholarship to a classy prep school, where he rooms with suave, rich and handsome Skip. Skip decides it is his duty to see that Jonathan loses his virginity, so he sends Jonathan to Chicago, where Jonathan meets Ellen, a beautiful older woman, and they begin an affair which ends abruptly when Ellen discovers Jonathan is 17. During Christmas break, Jonathan visits Skip’s house and discovers that Ellen is Skip’s mother. Ellen tells Jonathan to leave when he rejects her advances, but then begins calling him and begging to see him. Finally, Jonathan agrees to meet her and plans to end the affair, but Ellen seduces him–and that’s when Skip, who followed Jonathan, discovers them. One of Rob Lowe’s best films. Also the older woman (Mrs. Robinson type of role) is very well acted by Bisset.


Weird Science
Weird Science

4.0 out of 5 starsAnother 80s Cult Classic,November 19, 2012

Kelly LeBrock is gorgeous and portrays the character so well. The two boys are geeky and easy to relate to. One is simple and not that cute while the other looks fabulous in girl’s panties. Funny how the dark haired boy never pursued his acting career. Maybe he had other interests. The best part about the film is the comedy factor which has points throughout (SPOILER ALERT: Lisa–Kelly LeBrock turns Chet–Bill Paxton into a large pile of crap and threatens to give him a set of Elephant Balls). A lot of funny parts and classic lines to recall with friends. It is extremely John Hughes and shows. All of his work was quite memorable. I also highly recommend this film with some equally great acting and dialog: WarGames


The Breakfast Club
The Breakfast Club

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5.0 out of 5 starsBest Film of the 80s,August 15, 2012
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The teen characters are so easy for every kid to relate to. From Allison the misfit, Claire the spoiled brat, John the criminal , Brian the geek, and Andrew the jock (we all had a crush on him). It captured a real drama for almost anyone that grew up in a suburban high school and had to serve detention sitting in a library on a Saturday. The dialogue also was perfect. No censorship of bad language that would have been used back then. In sum, well written, well acted, well portrayed and overall excellent film.

Tribute to James Erik Rhodes

I met him a few times at events but never got to know him personally.? From reading his blogs, he was very troubled and confused about life. He knew that he was regarded as a piece of meat and sadly nothing could be done to change that perception. He was powerless to prevent fate. I still am sad that he had to die but perhaps we can learn something from it

With Roman Heart


Obama Message for Today

OFACA MESSAGE OF THE DAY – A Clear Choice in November


President Obama won enough delegates yesterday to secure the Democratic nomination. In the past year, the campaign has built the largest and strongest grassroots campaign in American history. Our staff and volunteers are organizing across the country, talking to their family, friends, neighbors and co-workers about what?s at stake in this election.?Now that the Republicans have finally settled on Mitt Romney, voters will face a very clear choice this November.


President Obama is fighting for an economy built to last and restoring economic security for the middle class. He?s rebuilding the economy on a foundation of the fundamental values that made America great ? values like fairness and opportunity. He believes in the simple idea that America prospers when we’re all in it together ? when hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and everybody has a fair shot, does their fair share and plays by the same rules.


Mitt Romney has a different vision. Instead of asking everyone to do their fair share and making investments we need for an economy built to last, Romney would slash taxes for corporations and the wealthiest Americans, let Wall Street once again write its own rules, and balance the budget on the backs of the middle class.


Romney?s policies are no better than his record. Romney supports the Ryan budget plan, which would end Medicare as we know it to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. Romney?s own budget plan would increase the deficit by $5 billion over the next decade and pass on that debt to the next generation.

Social Media and Networking

I agree with the findings of the article which follows.

We may “friend” more people on facebook or twitter or google plus, but we have fewer real life friends?– the kind who would help us out in tough times, listen sympathetically in person no matter what, lend us money or give us a place to stay if we needed it, keep a secret if we shared one.

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Cornell Study on Friends, Real vs. Virtual.