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Mister Sister

Sister Daya Reckoning takes a Lick
Snatch with Contestants
Margarita and Ivana
Unity is caged like a monkey
I had a very fun time last night as I always do with the sisters. very good crowd and contest.

Brothers for Sisters

Had a nice time last night at fund raiser for women’s cancer which one of the sisters headed up. As always, they looked great.

Sister Match Game

I went to burbank for Sister Match Game as part of the Rodeo weekend. I missed the actual Rodeo today but had a nice time at the hotel with the sisters last night.

Bad Boys Pool Party

I rented a car and went to palm spring for the day. I met up with the Sisters and others. Had a nice day and the weather was nice. Just chilling today. Here are a few pics from yesterday

Sisters at TVOD

Sister Buffy hoards the materials