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Upgrade 2.6.2 – New Theme

I did the quickie upgrade process which I have down pat now for minor patch updates (2.6.x) so that all you need do is delete wp-admin , wp-includes, and main directory php files (with exception of config) and just transfer over these new files.? You do not need to deactivate plugins when its an minor update.? If its x.x(like 2.6 to 2.7 shortly) then the proper full process is to deactivate all plugins, delete wp-admin and wp-includes directories, delete main php files with exception of config files, copy the files from pc to server, run upgrade.php script, activate plugins one at a time, updating them if needed, that is it.? Lastly I am curious if everyone likes my new theme I chose.? I have changed colors in the style and made some font changes too.? If there is something simple that you think would be an improvement, I am all ears.? Thanks.