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Weekend and Roomie

I went last night to APLA Summer Party at Paramount. The body painting was a lot of fun and took a good number of photos of the people that the artist painted. Saw some regular people that I do in the scene. I was able to take my mind off the roomie thing somehow. Today however, I am still contemplating options. Briefly, the roomie decided to get high drama on me and nit pick everything from utilities (high elec bills, etc) to lifestyle diffs (neat vs clean). He has a lot of personal issues and that is affecting me. I ultimately would love to find my own apartment someday if that is possible. I have a lot of constraints that make it restricted. I want to be in weho, I need to be close to public transit, I dont want something cheapy, etc. So if anyone reads this and knows of something nice for under 900 a month, please email me.