Venice Beach and Canal

Venice Canal shot

Another shot of Venice Canel


Venice Canal

Duck Headshot

Mamma Duck in shade

Clown at boardwalk

Gold Man Performer

Tattoos on man’s back

Juggler performer

Interesting tatt man feeding a baby

White dog

Woman faking in wheelchair combs her hair

I went with my photo group to Venice Beach and Canal yesterday. I first went to see the venice art gallery where some kids had done paintings and photographs. It was interesting. Of course the people at the boardwalk were the most interesting to photograph. I got several good shots.

Laguna Beach Day Trip

Lifeguard at beach

Policeman ticketing a bum

Boys playing basketball

Beach scene

Artist James painting the beach

Laguna Beach

Postcard shot

House on hill

Tattoo guy with groceries

It was a hot day so Edna and I decided to take a trip down to Laguna Beach again. It is so nice down there. Beautiful beach, lovely homes, no street trash 🙂 I could see myself living near there some day. I met an artist painter on the walkway. He was very interesting. I spoke to him for a while and found it funny that he had a business card and cell phone. The artist of the 21st century right.

My Friend Bill Came to Visit LA

Grauman footprints of Marilyn Monroe

LA shot from Mullholland drive

French antiques at Getty museum

Pink day bed from 18th century france

Queen Mary ship and Russian submarine

Estate room on the ship

Rescue boats on Queen Mary

Purple flowers at Huntington

Snap Dragons at Huntington

John Sargent painting from 19th century

Painting of George Washington

Skylight at Huntington

I had a visit from my friend who lives in Chicago. He came here for a week. We did the whole tourist thing. We saw Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Huntington Gardens, Getty Museum, Old Town Pasadena, Bel Air, Downtown, Mullholland Drive, Hollywood at Highland, Walk of Fame, Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood Sign, and an entire day in Long Beach with a tour of the RMS Queen Mary Boat.

Christian’s Birthday Party

Christian in his slicker
Christian in his slicker
Headshot of Christian
Headshot of Christian
Momma with balloons
Momma with balloons
Momma, Christian, and friend
Momma, Christian, and friend
Momma with flowers
Momma with tulips
Christian blowing out candles
Christian blowing out candles
Christian holding fake saw
Christian holding fake saw
Licking the bloody saw
Licking the bloody saw
Feeding him some cake
Feeding him some cake

I had not seen my friend Christian in a while since he is working and going to school and keeps very busy. So when he invited me to this birthday party, I decided it would be a good chance to see him. It was a fun theme as you can see from the photos. My friend Momma also joined in on the fun. Made me remember what it was like to go out to clubs but still glad I do not do it frequently.

Cubs game in Pasadena

Cub pitcher during practice

Line up during national anthem

Number 9 , Nathan Metroka swings

Sliding into 3rd base

Number 4, Jacob King swings

Nathan after a swing

I had an assignment to shoot a sporting event. So since I have not done this before, I decided it would be best to go to a college game with easier access. I actually had a good time and learned a little about shooting this type of event.