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March 10 – History and Stuff



Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Chuck Norris-72 Sharon Stone-54 Jasmine Guy-50 Prince Edward Windsor-48 Carrie Underwood-29 ; 1965 Neil Simon’s play “The Odd Couple” opened on Broadway in New York

Friday, March 09, 2012

Happy Birthday Charles Gibson-69 Juliette Binoche-48 Emmanuel Lewis-41 Kerr Smith-40 Brittney Snow-26 ; 1959 Mattel’s Barbie doll made its public at the American International Toy Fair in New York.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Happy Birthday George Micky Dolenz Jr.-67 John Kapelos-56 Gary Numan Webb-54 Lester Holt-53 Aidan Quinn-53 Debra Camryn Manheim-51 Freddie Prinze Jr.-36 James Van Der Beek Jr.-36 Nick Zano-34 ; 1917 The U.S. Senate voted to limit filibusters by adopting the cloture rule.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Happy Birthday Willard Scott Jr.-78 Danielo J. Travanti-72 Michael Eisner-70 Taylor Dayne(Leslie Wunderman)-50 Wanda Sykes-48 John Peter Sarsgaard-41; 1876 Alexander Graham Bell received a patent for the telephone.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Happy Birthday RIP Ed McMahon(1923-2009)? Alan Greenspan-86 David Gilmour-66 Rob Reiner-65 Tom Arnold-53 Shaquille O’Neal-40 ; 1834 The city of Toronto was incorporated.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Happy Birthday Dean Stockwell-76 Eddy Grant-64 Marsha Warfield-58 Penn Jillette-57 Kevin Connolly-38 Eva Mendes-37

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Happy Birthday Emilio Estefan-59 Adrian Zmed-58 Steven Weber-51 Summer Cummings-45 Chaz Bono-43 Andrea Bowen-22 ; 1789 ? In New York City, the first Congress of the United States meets, putting the United States Constitution into effect.

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Happy Birthday Jennifer Warnes-65 Miranda Richardson-54 Glen Friedman-50 Julie Bowen-42 Matt Marsden-39 David Faustino-38 ; 1847 Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Happy Birthday Mikhail Gorbachev-81 John Irving-70 Gates McFadden-63 Laraine Newman-60 Jon Bon Jovi-50 Bryce Howard-31 ; 1917 Puerto Ricans were granted U.S. citizenship.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy Birthday Robert Clary-86 Harry Belafonte-85 Robert Conrad-77 Alan Thicke-65 Catherine Bach-58 Ron Howard-58 Tim Daly-56 Justin Bieber-18 ; 1790 Congress authorized the first U.S. census

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Birthday RIP Dinah Shore (1916?1994) Tony Robbins-51 Antonio Sabato Jr.-40 ; 1916 ? Child labor in South Carolina, the minimum working age for factory, mill, and mine workers is raised from twelve to fourteen years old!

Happy 2012

I made my mohawk funky new colors that according to some look like the Aurora Borealis

Green and Purple
Funky Colors

It Never Rains In Southern California

Wilshire at Western
Wilshire at Western

Oh yes it does in the winter time quite often actually. ?Sometimes it even starts in November as illustrated in the following photo. ?And my thoughts on drivers that freak out in Los Angeles when it does rain. ?I have lived in Chicago, Portland, and LA now for 10 years. I speak from years of experience, knowledge, truth. People here in Los Angeles are clueless even without rain. Traffic is horrific always, and if you add rain to the equation, total disaster. However, as Sister Buffy would say “Los Angeles people do not focus outside the four walls of their vehicles because then it is not about driver/me”. Everyone here has a mild to severe case of NPD! ?There actually is a newer mental disorder that I believe is listed now in DSM V which is called “Unspecific Hollywood Generalized Personality Disorder”. ?I find that fact alone Hilarious! ?I think you have to live in Los Angeles for several years and get exposure to these people often to comprehend the sociology of it all here locally. ?I often try to explain it to people that do not live here and never do they quite get it. ?That is all for now.



California and jay waking

Dear officers of this stupid state, issuing tickets for code 21456b at 10pm on rainy night without anybody on streets but myself…obvious they care nothing about safety but merely want my money…Fockers suck my Cawk