Drakes 20th Anniversary

Drakes 20th Anniv 007.jpg
Sister Unity exits cab
Drakes 20th Anniv 021.jpg
Sister Unity likes chicken
Drakes 20th Anniv 009.jpg
Lovely Sunset on Melrose
Drakes 20th Anniv 036.jpg
Roxy Botoxy in window display
Drakes 20th Anniv 023.jpg
Prince Poppy Cock
Drakes 20th Anniv 039.jpg
Prince poses
Drakes 20th Anniv 045.jpg
Sister Unity Devine
Drakes 20th Anniv 050.jpg
Drakes 20th Anniv 061.jpg
Making faces
Drakes 20th Anniv 062.jpg
Splits while eating glass
Drakes 20th Anniv 069.jpg
Drakes 20th Anniv 071.jpg
Nice Red Hair, I want her to do mine
Drakes 20th Anniv 076.jpg
Prince Poppy Cock
Drakes 20th Anniv 079.jpg
Drag Queen
Drakes 20th Anniv 006.jpg
Yours Truely

I went with Sister Unity to Drakes for their 20th anniversary party. She asked me to go at the last minute as no other nun had shown up. I went to her apartment and put on make up then we took a taxi to the store. It was a lot of fun because they had several performances and Sister Unity was the hostess.

Still Settling/Unpacking some

Go Go dancer at bar
a strange looking person

I still am trying to organize and get all the boxes emptied. But I have the important stuff I need for now. I am doing it slowly as I mentioned before. I feel like I need to do different things in photography now that this is all settled but have not decided what would work best. I am investigating some options.

Gay Erotica Expo

Well I finally covered an event after a long break. I had a nice time since the Sisters were there. It was smaller crowd and less boothes, but still was alright. I hope next year they have some big studios back.