Super Tuesday

Guess who these are photos of???

I saw tons of signs at street corners for Obama but not Hillary. I guess we shall see who wins later tonight. I voted for Hillary Clinton! Check out this link. Its cool. Google with Twittering

Drag Show few years ago

Belle Aire





I recently got an email from Morgan to send her the shots I have taken of her. I had to go back in my archives a few years to find them. I had a lot of fun going to those shows. I miss them. I might just have to try and go to Belle Aire’s show at Hamburger Mary’s when I get back from the holidays.

Wedding Photographer

Sample of Jeff and Paige, a couple I photographed

Here are my photography ads on craigslist for the los angeles area. Feel free to give me any suggestions on wording changes or anything else. I am desperate to find work to pay the bills 🙂

Party Photographer Ad

Wedding Photographer Ad

A word about Senator Craig

Okay this guy is getting way too much media coverage. First, its time for people in powerful positions to stand up and say they have sexual differences. Do not be ashamed, put down the damn bible and stand up for your rights. Its 2007 and time to change the way we look at this country. Men need to be more comfortable with their sexuality no matter what mix it might be. Do not get on national television with your stupid hillbilly wife and take back your statement that you were caught in a common bathroom engaged in homosexual acts. Be a man, resign, find yourself a nice young man to take under your wing, and go forward. Quit lying to the press and everyone else. Its pathetic. It is why this country is doomed if we do not start to make changes fast. Read this article. Hypocrit Article in news