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Cocktails with Live and Raw Stars

Lex Sabre

Lex shows underwear

Adam Faust

Emillio Sands

Adam changing in bathroom

Lex changing in bathroom

Adam and Lex

Emillio Sands

Adam shows tattoos

Lex and Adam kissing

This past week was very busy for me. I did a lot of photos for various events. I also had to miss my class in order to go have this medical procedure done. Turns out I am fine. So its nice that I have a clean bill of health for a change. Last night was okay. They had three guys who perform on which is a porn site that does web shows. I was kind of bored as the guys were not really my type and the questions asked were sort of routine. Ah well, its my only steady job 🙂 And I did get good shots with my new lightsphere gadget. Have a look.