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Cocktails with Victor and Kris

Victor Banda

Scott spanks Kris

Guest from audience


Victor backside

Victor again

It was a fairly slow night but I was somewhat unmotivated since Dennis (the manager of the club) informed me that they will no longer need photographs for this weekly event. He said they will use me for special occasions still. But that the owner does not want to spend the money weekly. I have a feeling that they are planning on canceling the event altogether since it draws a very small crowd lately. Frankly the guys that have been selected as guest for the past several months (with a few exceptions) have been fairly lame and/or unattractive. I think the idea is a good one, but they need better guest stars. Maybe I could start my own night club…hahah…yea right. Anyway I do need to think of some photo gigs I can do to get more money. I thought about doing headshots. I am just as good as all the hollywood types so why not do it for cheap. I may place an ad on craigslist. We’ll see.