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Happy Birthday Chaka Khan(55)


Born Yvette Marie Stevens in Illinois, I only saw her perform once.? Like so many other hollywood personalities, they go downhill quite quickly once they become famous.? It was in 2005 that she came to perform at Sunset Junction, a street event here in los angeles.? Well being a photographer, I wanted to get some pictures of her.? However, this mean bodyguard came out before she was to sing, and he said if he caught anyone with large-lens cameras (pro in other words) that he would break the camera.? I was like, that is wrong!? So, of course I was able to get a few photos despite the threats since if you know me, I am determined once I put my mind to a task.? And as you can see, poor Yvette looked like holy crap due to being fat and drugged out.? Hence that is why they did not want photos taken of her.? I feel sorry for her.? Poor beotch.? Nevertheless, I said to my friend Ken Knox who writes for a local magazine and quoted me at the time:? “If you do not wish to have your photo taken because you look like hell, do not go onto a stage in the middle of the street and perform, dumb ass!”