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Larry Visit

I went to view an apartment today and ran into a friend who I did not know was searching. After chatting with him, we decided we would try and find a 2br place together. He put in an application for the vacant 2br in my building actually. Not sure if we will get accepted since many other applicants but it might work out. I also spent the evening with my old beau Larry from Portland. It was nice since I had really not talked to him in years. We dated back in 1995. We know each other really well and turns out he is doing an assignment in LA for a year. So it will be nice to spend time with a familiar person. He is with a new boyfriend in Phoenix but that is good since I dont think a boyfriend thing would work now due to other diffs. I will call Robert (friend from apt) tomorrow and give him an update. I am looking forward to Dragstrip Hats this weekend. Tomorrow I am covering a premiere after party and am supposed to meet a guy doing biz with IN who runs and might be good way to sell my event photos. We’ll see how it all goes. More to come after the weekend.