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LA Leather Weekend

I had a nice time at the LA Leather contest then the street festival. Fun photos of both events. Going tonight to Dream Girls in a while. Bought the SB600 and excited about trying it out. I sold the SB50 for 119 so I am pleased with the upgrade. More to come after tonight and tuesday night.

Sisters at TVOD

Sister Buffy hoards the materials

Quiet Week

Mickys was not that exciting but somehow I got a few good photos. I went with Greg to TVOD at Faultline as Guard Moe. That was nice. Went shopping yesterday after doctor appt. Nothing too exciting there. I prob will wait until tomorrow nite for LAL stuff. I got email from IML guy and he said he would give me media credentials. I still have to decide if I want to spend the money and go to chicago or stay in LA and possibly go to Vegas pride with Sisters. Its raining today and suppose to do it all weekend so the street fair probably will be a bust. Oh well. I still have fun when I do sister related stuff. And the indoor contest at El Rey will be fun. The photo is fun one of Sister Buffy hoarding the pornos. The expression on her face is the best.

After Dragstrip

I had a really great time last night. I got so many photos considering it was just a normal night as far as attendance and performances. But I guess I was on a mission and got almost 150 photos. I kept about 114 of them for posting on and used new album layout/software. I hope everyone likes it. I emailed Paul V about next weekend and hope he understands the commitment I made for LAL weekend with Sisters. As for moving, I think I am gonna relax for a few weeks and aim for a May 1 thing instead. I still have not decided about IML as I am waiting for media guy to confirm my press pass. I would like going for a visit but the tickets are going for over 200 now and wondering if I shouldnt save my money. I will decide this week.