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Pandemic and Call to Photo Drag Queens

I was unsure I should write a text blog entry for a photo blog, but I have been unable to be creative since March 6th so thought I would do it. It is very difficult not continuing to do my event photography. The likelihood it will change back to any normal kind of bar events soon is looking rather bleak. I am hoping to come up with ideas how to be creative until performers are back to doing things live in LA. Thanks for listening on social media and interacting. Hopefully we will recover from this virus soon. I think most reading this know how to reach out if needed.

Update: If there are any drag queens that are in the LA area, I want to photograph you , perhaps outdoors after doing a show online, and I will stay distant and wear a mask. Please get in touch with me on social media to arrange it. I am not asking for any compensation at all. I just want to work.

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